Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are You Ready to Rock?!

Fall is my second favorite time of year. I'm quite sentimental at this time of year because I love the crisp air, the colors and the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.

Last weekend we went back to Cripple Creek and Victor so that we could see the Aspens. There is a limited time frame to see the Aspens change color before the leaves fall to the ground. Dead. Brown and Dead. 
Here is the view looking over the town of Cripple Creek. I wanted this picture the last time we were there a few weeks ago but Jason wouldn't pull over. So this time I climbed out of the car window while we were driving.
 Before the little tour de Aspen (I just made that up. That's pretty clever). First we took two starving children to eat a restaurant located on top of a casino. This caused many old people to stare in displeasure. I assured them all that our children were not going to move in on their slot machines and take their money. I would do that.
Afterward, we took the boys to the park. Evan calls this playground "Space". "I wanna see space" he yells to me in order make me let him see this picture.
 While Evan was busy playing in space, Dawson was on the verge of a take down.
Dawson is having his life turned upside while Jason is daydreaming of unicorns.
 And... done. 
 Dawson got up and went about his merry way and I decided now was as good a time as ever for a photo op.
Jason thought he was toothpick Popeye.
 So I said "no" and shot again. I will take this time to say that I can't stand that piece of hair by my ear that isn't long enought to stay in my ponytail.
 And then we were off for the Tour de Trees. Not nearly as clever.
 Jason worked up the courage to drive me to my favorite truck in Victor.
 Of course my favorite part about Victor is the old dilapidated buildings so I encouraged Jason to allow me to get as many pictures as possible of these buildings at any cost. Such as stopping in the middle of the road and pushing him against his seat to get the picture. 
This is my future house. 
I believe this building is available if anyone wants to be my neighbor.
And then we were back on the road with the tour of color.
 You may be wondering what pictures of the Aspens has anything to do with my post title. It doesn't. I couldn't very well waste a whole blog post on a video when I had perfectly good mountain aspen fall colors to share. 
Before I move on, does anyone believe that the font on this blog needs to be bigger? Or is it just me? Because I have horrible eyesight. No lie.
Now on to the Rock. 
Evan is rather entertaining. And Dawson is rather invasive.
Welcome to our chaos:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Friend in Need

This is my amazing friend Mindy. Emphasis on amazing so make sure you really enunciate the italics when you read the word. Mindy is one of my BFF's from college. No. I did not call everyone in college my BFF because I know you're thinking that. 
. Our friendship began at Bethel College.- In case you couldn't tell by the date time stamped on the photo above, or that I'm much younger looking and sporting the highlighted hair I used to cherish.
  Mindy has been through some tough times in her life. The photo you'll see below is not one of those times. It was the time she kidnapped me on my birthday and took me to Olive Garden for a surprise party.
We were roomies and did nearly everything together. Even when I had bangs.
 We've stayed so close over the years, even after we both graduated and moved on and I've blogged many of those occasions.
 Yes we went to pajama parties together with our hair in pigtails.
 I love her dearly.
 Mindy is my friend in need. 
Her husband Kevin, (who she met at Bethel) is in need of a kidney transplant, and due to many complications (which I'll share soon) they have to raise the money through fundraisers in order to pay for the transplant.
I'm happy to report that Kevin is not the one picking his nose in the this picture. He's the nerd with the headphones on holding the discman with a smiley face on it. Ha Ha Kevin! I just got away with calling you a nerd on my blog!
Here is a bit of their story, taken from the constant updates that Kevin and Mindy give on their FaceBook page dedicated to Kevin and his progress:
If you took the time to read that, you can see that they have been through a lot in order to get to the point where they realized they had to begin raising money. That's not even half of it.
My whole premise in composing this blog is to reach to anyone willing to give. If you have the time, please watch the video and then if you will please GIVE. I will leave a link at the bottom of this post that will take you to their website where you can donate.
If you don't feel comfortable with giving a donation through their page, please contact me. I will give you their address and you can send them money directly. Or you can send the money to me and I can promise you I will send them every penny. Even though I saw a Coach bag I really liked the other day. Well, send me the money for the Coach bag, and then send me more money for Kevin. That's a horrible joke! I'm totally kidding. I feel bad.
Really, feel free to contact me with any questions and I'll be happy to go to Mindy and Kevin for answers if I don't know the answer myself. Also, if you really have nothing to give, pray. Pray for my friends. Pray that God will give you money to send. Hey! That's pretty clever right there if I say so myself.
Mindy, if you get the time in your crazy schedule to read this post, I hope you know I love you and I pray for you and think of you often.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Bozeus. Pronunciation: (Bo-zee-us).
This is the word Evan uses for Bulldozer. Well, actually, I think there's a chance that "Bozeus" is the plural form of the word for Bulldozer and all such construction equipment. He also uses the word Bozea when pointing out a bulldozer or a digger BUT he can say "excavator" which means he might grow up to be a construction worker rather than a trash man like I previously suspected. 
He has a red fireman hat that his Aunt Nessa gave him for Christmas last year and he wears it around the house as a construction worker hard hat. Recently, he donned his hat and decided to wear it in the car for our short trip to pick up Dawson. He made quite a noise in the back seat bossing me to "see a bozeus". As it turns out, we have some construction going on near our house. So I turned my car around, parked my car at the neighborhood near the construction site and walked Evan to the site so that he could see the machines at work. The construction men stared but I stared back. I have a Captain America shield and I could take them all. This set me back in time to pick up Dawson so we had to run back to the car and Evan was unhappy.
No toddler should be unhappy. All manner of screaming, whining, emotional trauma and tears are a result of an unhappy toddler. 
On our way to pick up Dawson I pass the Focus on the Family campus every day. I'm calling it a campus because it's a big sprawling building with lots of land. There is no Focus on the Family college so don't apply and use my name as a reference.
There on the side of the road behind Focus on the Family was a bozeus!
So I did what every great mom would do. 
I picked up Dawson from school and on our way home, pulled into the Focus on the Family parking lot, grabbed Evan and ran to the bulldozer with Dawson trailing behind. 
There were 2 kind construction men talking and working on something near the bulldozer. I walked up to them, introduced myself and told them that Evan would love nothing more than to sit in the bulldozer long enough for me to take his picture and possibly drive it and destroy something important and then I asked if that would be okay. So one of the men walked over and unlocked the door of the bulldozer and went right back to what he was doing.
Evan was excited and terrified at the same time. Like excitified.
I actually had to have Dawson climb in first so that Evan would climb in too.
There was a half full (because I'm an optimist) coke sitting in the cup holder beside the seat but I didn't let Evan drink it. I told Dawson he could though.

 I didn't want to make the kind men wait if they were in need of using the bozeus so I got my pictures, thanked them profusely and ran right back to the car the same way we came.
And now Evan thinks I will do that every.single.time. we see a bulldozer.
I'll end this post by saying that if anyone has construction equipment that they would like to donate to the Evan loves Bozeus cause, please feel free to do so.
Of course you have to hear him say it:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cripple Creek, CO

On Saturday we went to Cripple Creek.
In case you decide to click on that link, I may as well go ahead and tell you that Cripple Creek is a gambling town. But it sure is pretty!
I had 2 quarters ready to make me at least $333.92. That's a joke. There's a train in Cripple Creek that we wanted to take the boys on.
Here's us in the car on the way. Evan didn't understand what I was doing the first time around.
By the second shot, he was somewhat clued in but I gave up.
It's about an hour drive from our house to Cripple Creek. So we arrived at the train station soon enough.
Here we are! Train number 2.
The train only goes 4 miles (which is why it was cheap which is why we were able to go) but it lasts about 2 hours because we stop several times and the conductor gives a bit of history about the land. It's an old mining town.
Jason is upset because his eyes were closed in both pictures. I told him then he should start opening his eyes when people are taking pictures of him. Or wear sunglasses.
There's the conductor. An interesting fellow.
Evan remained rather cordial through the entire ride. When I say that word "cordial" I always think of the scene in Anne of Green Gables when Anne gets Diana drunk on Marilla's raspberry cordial by mistake. The end.
Cripple Creek is a really pretty area, in case you ever come visit us and ask us to take you there and we do.
It's also a rather small town.
As part of our history lesson on the ride, we were told that most of the trees in the area were cut down in the mining days to be used for housing and such. And at one point, because the town was made of wood the entire town burnt to the ground in a matter of weeks because of a few accidents involving fire. Which is why you should build a city of brick. In my own humble opinion.
Mid-point during our trip. we stopped at the spot called "echo canyon" or something with the word echo in it because the train whistle echoes and can be heard for 10 miles. When I yell outside really loud Jason thinks I can be heard for 11 miles. So.
One of the stunning views.
If I get pretty good at craps, I might move here.
Dawson was enthralled with this large flag.
I sat by some funny and endearing ladies from Texas. They used toothpicks to clean their teeth for nearly half the ride. I think it was the popcorn we all had.
These trains nearly killed us from black soot. I should sue and spend the money on
 texas hold 'em.
At the end of the trip our train passed these 2 old beat up cars. Picture worthy, I think.
Annnd.. that ended up being the last picture I took of our lovely train ride. So. Bye.